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Create flexible and beautiful exams in minutes . Don't let keeping track of standards alignments weigh you down.
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1Create your exams online choosing from over 180,000 questions in 54+ subject areas.


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3Whether you're printing your exams for hard copy testing or deploying your exams digitally through our website we've got you covered with automatic grading, simple reporting, and 24/7 customer service.

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Our Customers are Raving About Our Software!

Customer Feedback #1

Customer Feedback #1

It's the best thing I've ever spent money on for my classroom—because it made my life much easier!
Susan D.
Customer Feedback #2

Customer Feedback #2

I would like to also add that I truly value the utilities offered on this website. It truly makes practicing for Regents and test practice much easier and enjoyable.
Sanjay R.
Customer Feedback #3

Customer Feedback #3

Overall I find the Wizard very useful, was one of the teachers advocating that my current school subscribe to it, and have gotten quick responses from customer service.
Walt V.
Customer Feedback #4

Customer Feedback #4

I've used Eduware for the past ten years as a home instructor, and I also recommend it to the student teachers I am working with at City College—I have used Eduware from it's early stages and will continue to use and promote it.
M. Rosenman