NYC Pricing

NYC Vendor Number: EDU306

Contract Number: 7000632

New York City Board of Education Approved

Subscriptionsper teacher / per subject Yearly Item #
5 $207.95 800169824
10 $378.00 800113020
15 $559.00 800113039
20 $730.00 800113047
25 $880.00 800113055
30 $1,023.00 800113063
40 $1,263.00 800113071

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Common questions from our customers

What is a subscription?
A subscription provides unlimited access to Wizard Test Maker Online for one teacher for one subject. With a subscription access to the product is available from any computer or device.
What is included with a subscription?
A subscription includes full access to the features of the product registered, along with unlimited access to the one subject(questions and standards) chosen when the subscription was established
How long does a subscription last?
Subscriptions will expire one year (12 Months) from the date of purchase. Unused subscriptions can be recovered for a $15 recovery fee per subscription.
Can I purchase more subscriptions later?
Yes, you may add subscriptions or renew subscriptions at any time. Alternatively, you may renew your subscriptions over the phone.

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